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Welcome to this WikiMed website: A Medical student resource

This website is for all undergraduate medical Students.

Intended to create a study resource which can help Students with their respective studies. To begin with, I urge students to create a database of Past year questions, sorted out Topic wise. The website is fully editable by anyone, hence if spot any errors or misrepresentation, anyone has right to edit it to the correct version. Help create a truly functional and resourceful website and help eliminate any errors. The website is self policing, that is to say, any errors, inappropriate additions or deletions will be corrected by subsequent visitors to the website.
This website works on the same structure and principle as Wikipedia or any of WikiMedia sites. Hence uses WikiCode - So dun try HTML for formatting.
Please contribute your efforts.

NB: This is no Med Journal, Med-textbook or Wikipedia, for lengthy explanatory articles. This website is for exam oriented study only. We want to see people put simplified, concise notes on topics, NOT article extracts or cut-paste jobs from wikipedia.

What can you do?

- Help sort out - add and edit TAGS
- Help improve notes - Append and edit existing articles
- Help Create - Add new notes, strart new topic
- Spread the word
- Just browse through and use [resources]

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