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Welcome to this WikiMed website: A Medical student resource

This website is for all undergraduate medical Students.

Intended to create a study resource which can help Students with their respective studies. To begin with, I urge students to create a database of Past year questions, sorted out Topic wise. The website is fully editable by anyone, hence if spot any errors or misrepresentation, anyone has right to edit it to the correct version. Help create a truly functional and resourceful website and help eliminate any errors. The website is self policing, that is to say, any errors, inappropriate additions or deletions will be corrected by subsequent visitors to the website.
This website works on the same structure and principle as Wikipedia or any of WikiMedia sites. Hence uses WikiCode - So dun try HTML for formatting.
Please contribute your efforts.

NB: This is no Med Journal, Med-textbook or Wikipedia, for lengthy explanatory articles. This website is for exam oriented study only. We want to see people put simplified, concise notes on topics, NOT article extracts or cut-paste jobs from wikipedia.

What can you do?

- Help sort out - add and edit TAGS
- Help improve notes - Append and edit existing articles
- Help Create - Add new notes, strart new topic
- Spread the word
- Just browse through and use [resources]

New pages added

[F]rom Around the Med Blogs

We are moving

21 Apr 2013 22:35

Dear MMR readers, We are moving house to our new location All new blog posts and changes will go there, and any requests for will also go to the new site. Page requests for the old MMR pages will also be redirected to the new one. The new site has built-in forums (we […]

2006 the missing year

21 Apr 2013 22:13

Due to some unfortunate database corruption, all postings in the year 2006 have had to be trashed. Despite trying to fix the database tables and other repair options, somehow WordPress refuses to display any post from 2006 without a 404 error. Just to give you a heads up if anyone is trying to read a […]

Updated: Doctor Blogroll

19 Apr 2013 02:46

Clipadidoctor  has written in to inform us of her blog,  Dreams and changes which we have duly added to the Doctor Blogroll I . She’s also recently joined Dobbs, the Malaysian Medical Doctors forum – so welcome to Dobbs, @clipadidoctor!

Dobbs Newsletter

15 Apr 2013 22:12

Dobbs is the exclusive (and free!) forum for Malaysian doctors which we have maintained for 12 years now. This is the latest update/newsletter: Greetings Dobber I trust this email finds you well. Time again for an update on what’s new in Dobbs, your unique Internet based community for Malaysian doctors by Malaysian doctors. Dobbs forum is […]

Doctor’s Blogroll updated

12 Apr 2013 02:55

Blogging is still alive! Dr.Lau, a Malaysian working in Taiwan has wrote in to tell us about his blog, dayinED which gives insight into life as an Emergency Room Physician. The Doctor Blogroll I has been duly updated.

What’s the point of having 1Malaysia “clinics”?

09 Apr 2013 01:56

From our Dobbs forum, a doctor mentions this incident: Just had a guy with ACS present 2 days after going to 1M clinic with angina. No ECG available, told to ride his motorbike to the hospital! Son said if he knew how deficient it was, he would have gone straight to the klinik kesihatan. and […]

Health Facts Malaysia 2012

02 Apr 2013 23:38

Interested to know more about health related statistics for Malaysia? Well, the 2012 data are available here: Health facts 2012 from the MOH (PDF format)

Query about medical studies II

28 Mar 2013 13:45

Posted in our Facebook page: I’m Wan from Malaysia. I found your facebook page and I hope you could advice me on an important decision that I have to make. I just graduated with A Level in Singapore and I am considering Russia to pursue medicine. I am uncertain of this decision of mine and […]

Query about medical studies

27 Mar 2013 03:08

Irwan posted this message in our Facebook Page 1. Im SPM 2012 Leaver, sc stream, Im Sabahan interested to me a medical doctor. what should i take after this? Taking STPM? KPM Matriculation? which is more recognised qualification? Both are the same and equivalent routes to get into a local medical school. 2. How […]

New: Nursing sites

26 Mar 2013 14:51

We’ve added a new page linking Malaysian Nursing Sites (other than Nursing schools which are listed separately). The link can be located if you hover your mouse over the Professional link in the top menu of the MMR> As usual, if anyone has suggestions for more links, please let us know.

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