Ent Sessional Question Papers
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Batch 16

Sem 6

1.A 55 year old diabetic man presented with a history of fever, odynophagia & mild trismus of 5 days durarion. He had a history of dental infection of the right lower last molar tooth5 days prior to the symptoms. Neck examination showed a firm tender swelling on the right upper part of the neck, near the angle of the mandible. Oral examination showed a medial bulge of the right lateral pharyngeal wall along with the tonsil.

a.What is your provisional diagnosis?
b.How will you manage this patient?
c.Enumerate the complications of this condition [2+4+4]

2.Defind cholesteatoms? Describe the clinical features and management of chronic suppurative otitis media (attico-antral type) [2+4+4]

3.Describe the clinical features, investigations and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. [4+4+2]

4.Write short notes on: [4x4=20]

c.Septal abscess
d.Singer’s nodule
e.ILS findings of tuberculosis laryngitis ( with diagram)

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