How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

Anyone is allowed to edit pages in this Site,
simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page.
This will open an editor with a toolbar pallette with options.

Only Members of this site are allowed to create new pages. If you are still not a member please sign up fast.

Please follow the below instructions to create pages.
- you can randomly create any page. eg: Say you wanna create notes on Hyperthyroidism.
- type the name of the page "hyperthyroidism" in the new page form in the sidebar and click 'create new page'
- you will be taken to a new page named "hyperthyroidism" if such a page never existed.
- it will prompt you on the page "this page does not exist. please 'create' this new page"
- click to proceed, it will take you to an editor where you can type in the contents of your page. in this case "notes on hyperthyroidism.
- now once the page is created, do not exit the editor, you will have one more column to fill up named "tags", tag is where you can classify this topic into, it is very essential for helping people to browse to this page on hyperthyroidism. so in this case you can put the tags as following. (you can have multiple tags seperated by comma).. So for hyperthyroidism, tags may be - Medicine, Surgery, thyroid, endocrine
- dont put too many tags, please while putting tags dont forget to tag it with the subject it comes under, like medicine, or ONG or Surgery.
- Next time when users browse the tag, "medicine" link your topic of hyperthyroidism will be listed, along with other topics having the tag "medicine"
- Hope you followed through.

Although creating and editing pages is easy, there are a lot more options that allows creating powerful sites. Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.

Learn Wiki-Syntax

Do more with formatting and organizing your articles.
Sorry HTML will not wokr. You need to know some simple WikiSyntax.
Go through and refer this page whenever you need to.

Using TAGS on pages created

Tags are just like categorizing pages into folders, the difference being you can have multiple tags to a page, and hence the page will appear in multiple categories. In order that the website easy for navigation, I ask everyone to follow a criteria in Tagging pages, make it standard, and easy in tag navigation. You may use few tags but do not use unnecessary tags. The tags should include,
1. The subject it falls under (eg: medicine, surgery etc)
2. The topic it falls under (eg: CVS, RS etc)
3. The name of the subtopic itself (eg: Rheumatic Heart disease)
Do not create unnecessary new tags, before you tag a page, please review the tag cloud (the tags already present on the site) pick and choose the tags that fit your page. Create new tag only when it is necessary.

How to convert Word Doc / HTML files to MediaWiki code:

We would like to remind you that, WikiEditing does not support HTML code.
So please do not edit using HTML codes.
It has its on MediaWiki code, the same that is used on Wikipedia.
You may have notes already written in HTML format or perhaps typed in Word Doc.
You can do one thing to put them here. There are ways, yet these are for simple pages.
Not pages with Images and a lot of complex tables.
Its all explained in detail on this following link:

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