Orthopaedics Session Exam Papers
Table of Contents

Batch 14

Sem 9

1. A 28 year old male complains of acute pain in the lower lumbar region following an attempt to lift a heavy weight. HE notices radiation of pain to his right lower limb and tingling and numbness over the outer aspect of his legs and dorso-medial aspect of his foot.
a. Reson out the diagnosis?
b. What would be the clinical signs in him?
c. What are the relevant investigations you would like to do?
d. How do you manage this patient?

2. Describe the clinical and radiological features of rickets. outline its management. [4+4+2=10]

3. Write Short notes on: [2x5=10]
a. Clinical and radiological features of Colles' fracture.
b. Management of a child aged 2 years with congenital clubfoot.
c. Clinical and radiological features of osteosarcoma of the lower end of the femur.
d. Radiological features of chronic osteomyelitis of upper end of Tibia.
e. Describe the management of a case of primary osteoarthritis of the knee.

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