Orthopedics Sessional Question papers
Table of Contents

Batch 14

Sem 8

I) A 12 year-old male patient complains of pain in the upper end of right leg since two days. The pain is progressively increasing and is associated with fever. He gives no history of trauma but complains of difficulty to walk and move his knee joint due to pain.
a. What is your clinical diagnosis? Give reasons for the same.
b. What are the clinical features of this condition?
c. Outline the management of this patient. Mention four complications
(2+2+4=8 marks)

II) Write short notes on the following:
a. Management of a 6 year old boy with neglected CTEV
b. Clinical presentation of Primary osteoporosis and treatment options
c. Management of Osteochondroma of lower end of femur which has become painful in a 20 year old male.
d. Management of gangrene diabetic foot spreasd proximally till the level of forefoot
(3 x 4 = 12 marks)

III) Write briefly on:
a. Carpal tunnel syndrome
b. Tennis elbow
c. Deformities of Rheumatoid hand
d. Perthes' disease
e. Genu varum
(2 x 5 = 10 marks)

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