O&G : Past Year Univ Questions

Vagina and Vulva

  • A diabetic woman presents with white discharge per vaginum and pruritis. What is the diagnosis? How do you investigate and manage the same? (10) June 2005
  • Short note: Vaginal cadidiasis (5) Jan 2006
  • What are the causes of retention of urnie in gynecology? Mention four causes of vesicovaginal fistula. (4+4=8) May 2004

Sexually transmitted Diseases

Tuberculosis of the Genital Tract

Diseases of the urinary system

Pathology of conception

  • Write physiology of ovulation and mention tests for ovulation. (8) Nov 2003

Birth control and Medical termination of pregnancy

  • Write short notes on: Non-contraceptive benefits of Oral contraceptive pills. (5) September 2006
  • Short note: Complications of dilatation and Curettage. (5) Jan 2006
  • Mention all types of contraception available. Write the technique of Pomeroys tubectomy operation. (4+4=8) May 2004
  • Mention four contraindications and four complications of intrauterine device as a contraceptive method. (4+4=8) Nov 2003
  • Write the mechanism of action of IUD. Mention four contraindications and two complications of the same. (4+2+2=8) May 2003

Trophoblastic Diseases

Ectopic gestation

Disorders of menstruation

Menorrhagia and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

  • Define DUB. Discuss investigations and management of abnormal uterine bleeding in a 40 year old lady. (10) Jan 2006
  • Mention four causes of Menorrhagia. What will be the clinical findings of any one of them and write its management in a 40 year old woman. (2+2+4=8) May 2004
  • Mention the differential diagnosis of Menorrhagia and write the management of any one of them. (3+5=8) Nov 2003

Hormonal therapy in Gynaecology

Inflammation of Uterus and Cervix

Genital prolapse

  • Write briefly on uterine supports. Discuss aetiology, clinical presentation and evaluation of uterovaginal prolapse. (10) September 2006
  • A 60 year old lady presented with difficulty in passing urine and mass per vaginum. Discuss the differential diagnosis and management. (10) Jan 2006
  • Mention causes of genital prolapse. Write the clinical features of the same. (3+5=8) Nov 2003


Fibromyomas of the Uterus

  • What are the types of uterine fibroids? Describe the clinical features and complications of fibroid uterus. (10) April 2007
  • What are the various types of uterine fibroids? write the clinical features of the same. (10) June 2005
  • What are the types, clinical features and complications of fibroid uterus? Discuss the management of multiple fibroids in a 35 year old lady. (10) Jan 2006

Disorders of Ovary

  • A 25 year old infertile lady with history of dyspareunia was found to have chocolate cyst on diagnostic laparoscopy. Discuss the management. (10) Feb 2006
  • Short note: Chocolate cyst of the ovary (5) June 2005

Gynaecologic Oncology

  • Write short notes on : Dermoid cyst. (5) April 2007
  • What are the risk factors and clinical features of carcinoma cervix? Describe staging of carcinoma cervix. (10) April 2006
  • Describe stages of carcinoma of cervix. discuss management of Stage In (10) Feb 2006
  • Write the staging of ovarian cancer. What are the clinical features of malignant ovarian tumours? (10) June 2005
  • A 60 year post menopausal lady presented to gynaecology clinic with bleeding per vagina. Discuss the differential diagnosis, evaluation and management. (10) April 2007
  • Describe screening, symptoms, signs and stages of carcinoma of cervix. (10) Jan 2006
  • Write the stages of carcinoma cervix. Mention two complications of carcinoma of cervix and write treatment of Stage III of the carcinoma of cervix. (4+1+3=8) May 2004
  • Mention the stages of ovarian carcinoma. mention the clinical features and investigations to diagnose. (4+2+2=8) Nov 2003

Pelvic inflammatory diseases

Chronic pelvic pain

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis

  • A 36 years nulliparous woman with history of infertility presents to gynecology clinic with complains of progressive dysmenorrhoea and dyspareunia for the last 2 years. On bimanual examination uterus is retroverted and fixed. Discuss the differential diagnosis, evaluation and management. (10) Sept 2006

Non-Sorted Questions

(help needed sorting them out - Please do so)

  • Define pre-eclampsia. What are the features of imminent eclampsia? Describe the management of severe pre-eclampsia at term. (10) April 2007
  • A term primigravida presents to the labor room with history of labor pains. Abdominal examination revealed a term singleton fetus with floating head. Mention the causes of floating head. Describe the further evaluation and management. (10) April 2007
  • Write short note on: prerequisites to apply outlet forceps (5) April 2007
  • What are the indications for glucose tolerance test (GTT) during pregnancy? Mention maternal and fetal risks in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Discuss the management of GDM during pregnancy. (10) April 2006
  • A primigravida was brought to emergency room with history of 2 months of amenorrhea, pain abdomen and vaginal bleeding for last 6 hours. Discuss the differential diagnosis and management. (10) April 2006
  • Write short note on artificial rupture of membranes. (5) April 2006
  • A 30 year old para 3 living 3, presents with suprapubic cystic mass that is freely mobile. Discuss the evaluation and management. (10) April 2006
  • Write short note on: Indications and complications of Diagnostic laparoscopy. (5) April 2006
  • Write briefly on diagnosis of pregnancy. Describe the objectives and components of antenatal care. (10) September 2006
  • A para 6 living 6 who had a spontaneous vaginal delivery half and hour ago was found to have profuse bleeding per vaginum and flabby uterus. What is the condition called? Discuss the causes and stepwise management. (10) September 2006
  • Write short note on: Uses of ultrasound in the first trimester. (5) September 2006
  • Mention six indications for hysterectomy. What are the potential intra-operative and post operative complications of hysterectomy? (3+5=8) May 2004
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