Pediatrics Sessional Question Papers
Table of Contents

Batch 12

Sem 10

1.Write on 'Rights of the Child' —- Discuss briefly "Children's Rights" in relation to:
a) Child abuse & Neglect.
b) Children with multiple disabilities. [15]

2. A 19 yr old female delivered 24 hrs after rupture of membranes at 36 wks of gestation The pregnancy was otherwise uncomplicated. The newborn weighed 2.8kg. Six hours after birth the baby refused feed_at breast and respiratory rate was 60 /min, with grunting. The temperature was 35.8 °C & perfusion was poor.
a) What is your most likely diagnosis? Give reasons.
b) How will you evaluate to prove your diagnosis?
c) Give principles of management. [15]

3.Write briefly on: [20]
a) Rapid clinical assessment of a 5 months old baby in casualty who is not
b) Advantage and disadvantages of breast-feeding.
c) Newborn screening in Malaysia.
d) Preventable causes of hearing loss and assessment of hearing in infancy.

Section B 50 marks
4.A 7-year-old male is brought with the history of headache for 2 months. On examination he is found to have hypertension.
a) What history you will take to reach possible diagnosis? Give reasons.
b) What physical findings you will elicit to determine the cause of
hypertension? Give reasons.
c) Outline shortly the management of childhood hypertension. [15]

5.A 9 yr child is brought to casualty with history of increasing confusion over several hours. Parents noted there was increased thirst, frequent micturition in daytime & nocturnal enuresis in the preceding 2-3 days. On Examination the child had tachycardia, hypotension, hyperventilation, poor capillary refill & altered sensorium.
a) What is your diagnosis?
b) How will you manage the case?
c) What are the pitfalls in management? [15]

6.Write briefly on [20]
a) Approach to 2-year-old child with acute onset of stridor.
b) Evaluation of teen-ager with 2_episodes of seizures_2 mths apart.
c) Laboratory evaluation of bleeding diathesis in children.
d) Clinical features and evaluation of UTI in an infant.

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