Steps to convert Powerpoint Presentation to Word Document.

A lot of lecturers make their class lectures in Powerpoint. Many a times they share it with students.
On WikiMed we would like to have those notes here, but it is wierd to have them in PPT format.
To fix this, one can try converting PPT to WordDoc and then paste it here to share the notes.
The notes can then be edited and ammended by several people and made better.

It is important to note that there are different methods that can be used to post Powerpoint Presentations online. The directions below work if the instructor has linked to a PowerPoint file. How will you know if this is the case? Open the presentation and see if the address line in your browser shows a filename with a ppt extension. If so, you will be able to convert the presentation to Word.


To convert a Web PowerPoint Presentation to Microsoft Word:

  • Open the Web site containing the PowerPoint Presentation in your browser.
  • Above the presentation that you wish to convert, you will see the file with extension 'ppt' on the address line.
  • Save the presentation to your local drive by selecting File, Save As from the browsers main menu. You may change the name and location of the file.
  • Close the browser. Open the document in PowerPoint from its saved location.
  • With the presentation open, select File, Send to, Microsoft Word.
  • Select a format for the Word document. If the document contains graphics that are critical to the understanding of the text, you may want to select a format that retains a picture of the slide like Blank lines next to slides. (1) On the other hand, if the graphics are unimportant, the best format to select is Outline Only. (2)
  • Below is an example of the Blank lines next to slides format result. With this particular format, the student can view the individual slide and has a area to append his/her own study notes.
  • The following is an example of the Outline format. Most students prefer this format because they want the notes in the most condensed format to keep printing costs down. This outline can be quickly formatted using a smaller font to further reduce the length of the document. On the downside, you don't have a specific area to add your own notes.
  • Save the document as a Word document. (Note: The conversion created an RTF file.) Select File, Save as. Give the document a file name and change Save as Type to Word.
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