Surgery Sessional Question Papers

Batch 16

Sem 6


1. A 25 year-old man with a stab injury in right hypochondrial region was brought to A&E unit of hospital. He was hypotension and severe tachycardia at the time of arrival. Describe the primary survey & resuscitation in this patient and explain the pathophysiology of shock in this patient. [5x5]

2.Short Essay Questions [5x5]
a. Cause and clinical features of acute limb ischemia
b. Cause and investigation of a solitary thyroid nodule
c. Clinical features and treatment Breast abscess
d. Types and clinical signs of lipoma
e. Types of hydrocele


3.An elderly of 67 year-old, presented with a history of having fresh intermittent bleeding per rectum – since last 3 months. He had noticed lost of appetite and loss of body weight since that time. He felt no pain during defecation but complained of constipation. On digital examination, a hard mass was felt at the tip of the examining finger {6 cm from anal verge}.

a.Draw a line diagram, showing surgical anatomy of colon, rectum, and anal canal along with its blood supply & place the mass in question at the appropriate site in your diagram. [4]
b.Explain the most likely clinical diagnosis with reasons.[2]
c.How would you proceed to investigate this patient.[4]

4.Short Essay Questions [5x5]

a.Anatomy and surgical importance of inguinal canal
b.Types of wound healing
c.Spread of malignancy
d.Clinical signs of portal hypertension
e.Types and staging of testicular tumors

Batch 14

Sem 8

A 27 yr. old youth was stabbed in his abdomen, just above the umbilicus, during a brawl at a pub. He was brought to a state general hospital, within half an hour of the incident. He was not in a state of shock or vasomotor collapse; BP was stable but the pulse was a bit rapid (90 beats/min); slight blood stains were found on the front of his shirt - on removal of which, the only injury that was found was an oblique, 3 cm wide, linear, stab wound, about 2.5 cm above the umbilicus
a. Discuss the likely pathology in this case (5)
b. Discuss the management fot this patient (10)

Q2 Write short essay on (any four out of five) 4 x 5 = 20
a. Varicose Ulcers
b. Solitary Thyroid Nodule
c. Cystosarcoma Phylloides
d. Cystic Hygroma
e. Vaginal Hydrocoele

A 73 year old gentleman was admitted with the h/o persistent, hematuria since last 2 days, along with mild suprapubic pain but no pain at micturition. He was also passing some clots along with urine, intermittently. On enquiry he revealed that he was having loss of appetite since last 2 months along with some loss of weight (which he could not quantify). He was a chain smoker since last 50 years.
a. What is the likely pathology in this case? Discuss with reasons. What could be the Differential Diagnoses? (5)
b. How will you manage this patient? Discuss in detail. (10)

Q2 Write short essays on (any four out of five)
a. Pseudocyst of the pancreas
b. Pancoast Syndrome
c. Hutchinson's pupil
d. Type of 'Rejection' - as found after an Organ Transplantation (Allograft)
e. Bockdalek's Hernia

Sem 9

Section A (40)

1. A 25 year old hockey player was brought to the A&E with severe pain in left hypochondrium and pallor. He remembered being hit by the ball during a game 3 days ago. Discuss the management of this patient.

2. Write Brief notes on:
a) Types of Dermoid and its clinical features
b) Classification of Ulcers and its causes

Section B (30)

3. Discuss the aetiology of Peritonitis. What are the stages and clinical features of peritonitis? (20)

4. Write brief notes on: (10)
a) Diagnosis of perforated duodenal ulcer.
b) Investigations for Right colonic Malignancy.

Section C (30)

5. What are the causes of hematuria? How will you investigate and treat a case of BPH? (20)

6. Write brief notes on: (10)
a) Staging and spread of testicular tumor.
b) Steps of circumcision in an adult.

Batch 12

Sem 10

1. A 30 year old man was brought to A&E with history of raod accident. He was found to
be fullyj2o_nscious with a blood pressure of 70/40 mm of Hg..and pulse rate of
110/minute. There were abrasions over his Lef hypochondrium. and the abdomen was distended. Discuss the evaluation and management of this patient. (7+8)
2. Write Brief Notes on: (5+5)
a)Metabolic Acidosis.
b) Claudication.

3.Discuss the clinical features, investigations and management of Carcinoma Caecum.
4 Write Short Notes on. (5+5)
a) Classification and Clinical features of Subphrenic abscess.
b) Complications of Meckel's diverticulum.

5. Discuss the clinical features ,mvestigations and treatment of Polycystic disease of the
Kidneys. (5+5+5)
6. Write short notes on. (5+5)
a).Fournier's gangrene.
b) Classification and Staging of Testicular Tumors.

A 26 year old male is involved in a motor vehicle accident. He complains of severe pain and inability to use his right shoulder. He also has numbness over the shoulder. Clinically, he has loss of shoulder contour & blunted sensations over the deltoid region. His radial pulse is well felt. There is no open wound or any other injuries,
a) What is your complete diagnosis?
b) Write down the clinical tests to help in its diagnosis
c) How will you manage this patient? Enumerate two
(2+2+3 = 7 Marks)

2. Write down the Diagnostic criterion for Rheumatoid arthritis. List the medical & surgical line of treatment of Rheumatoid knee.
(4+4 - 8 Marks)

3. Write short notes on:
a) Plaster of Paris (2 Marks)
b) Ewing's sarcoma (3 Marks)

4. Write briefly on the following:
a) Arthrodesis
b) Cubitusvarus
c) Sequestrum
d) Spondylolisthesis
e) Neurotmesis (1x5 = 5 Marks)

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